Big Wigz Skins: Right Hand Golf Driver Decal - Giraffe

Big Wigz Skins: Right Hand Golf Driver Decal - Giraffe

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Right hand golf driver decal by Big Wigz Skins - Giraffe

Big Wigz skins are the newest and creative way for golfers to express their personality while teeing it up.


Big Wigz is on its way to revolutionizing the game of golf.

The skin personalizes the driver head through a non-permanent self adhesive vinyl with a high resolution graphic or logo. The skin adheres to and completely covers the top surface of the driver, giving the club a new "paint" like finish. Big Wigz was created because we were tired of seeing the same black drivers. On a non permanent basis we can now bring a new sense of personality and creativity to your game. We are at the beginning of our journey, but we have a clear vision of how we will add STYLE-PASSION & CONFIDENCE to every golfer who tees it up.

Quick Facts

  • Now available with Wrap-Cut Application.
  • The New Fine Filament Edge Cutting Tape create a perfectly straight cut for an extremely professional look.
  • Conforms to USGA Rules
  • Adds 2-3 grams of weight (average 460cc driver weighs 200grams)
  • Does not damage the top surface of the club
  • Serves as a layer of protection from "sky marks" and small scratches
  • You will be playing with Style and Personality



We recommend someone over the age of 16 or have adult supervision when applying the Big Wigz to the club.

BE AWARE: If your club has loose or chipped paint, the adhesive could remove some of that loose or chipped paint.

Tools Needed
Damp and Dry Cloth
Blow Dryer and/or Plastic Card (Be careful when touching the Big Wigz skin after using the Blow Dryer. It could be extremely hot.)
Sharp Scissors

Quick Prep Steps and Tips

Read over the entire Big Wigz Skins Instructions before applying it to the club head and take your time.
Wipe the club with a damp cloth and let it dry completely before applying the Big Wigz Skin above the metal wood to get a visual of how it will sit.
It is recommended to have a blow dryer when applying the Big Wigz Skin. Use the blow dryer on the adhesive side for 10 seconds or until the skin is warm and then continue with the application process. The heat will make the skin easier to apply and secure its location. Once the trimming process is complete and the edges are pressed down, use the blow dryer until the skin is warm and press again around the edges for total security.
It is important when you are pulling the skin towards a particular side you are at the same time using your thumb as a combing agent to secure a clean and wrinkle free application.(Reference Picture Number 2)
Peel the Big Wigz Skin from the backing paper, exposing the adhesive. Be sure to not allow the Big Wig adhesive sides to stick to each other. It could possibly damage or impair the Big Wigz Skin.
When applying to clubs with ridges or dips press the skin close to the deepest part of the ridge or dip and secure its position. Watch for air pockets around these areas. The blow dryer is helpful with these areas to really get the skin loose.

Applying (3-5 minutes to apply)
First step is to align the skin close to the base of the shaft and directly above the hitting surface. Secure the front half of the shaft cut out around the base of the shaft by pressing the Big Wigz logo firmly to the club.

Then pull the skin towards the toe of the club aligning it along but above the hitting surface of the club. In one motion when you are pulling the skin use your thumb as a combing agent to secure the skin wrinkle free (Try to have none of the club's paint exposed but do not have the skin on the hitting surface). If the Big Wigz Skin does not line up, peel it back and try to reapply. Be careful when peeling it back.

Next firmly pull the Big Wigz Skin toward and over the back end of the club. Be sure to use your thumb as a combing agent(thumb is dragging behind securing the skins position wrinkle free) when pulling the skin.It is important to pull it tight over the entire club and be sure that there are no wrinkles when you are securing its location. (There will be an excess amount hanging over the club).
Once the Big Wigz Skin is pulled tightly over the club, and there are no wrinkles present, press down from the center to both sides. Move toward the back of the club head once the material is evenly pressed down from side to side and smooth. When you are pressing down make sure there are no wrinkles present. Pull the skin up at anytime to remove any wrinkles.

There should be an excess amount hanging over the club, use scissors to closely trim off the excess material around the curved edge of the club. Start at the back end of the shaft and work your way around the club to the toe. Get as close to the club as you can and try to cut on the same straight path. (It is very important when you are trimming the skin, that the skin is trimmed to just hang over the curvature part of the club. If it is trimmed to sit above the curvature it will be more susceptible to wrinkles.) BE CAREFUL TO NOT COME IN CONTACT WITH THE CLUB WHEN TRIMMING.

When the trimming process is complete and the Big Wigz Skin is applied; use a blow dryer over the entire Big Wigz Skin, especially on the edges.

After using the blow dryer and the Big Wigz Skin is not hot, we suggest you then use your thumb and firmly press down on all of the edges to secure the Big Wigz skin position. (If you do not have access to a blow dryer, use at least a plastic card to secure the edges.)



When you have applied the skin; if there are any wrinkles present, simply lift up that section and reapply. If the wrinkles do not disappear, lift the section again and apply heat from a blow dryer for about 5-10 seconds. Reapply immediately after applying the heat. BE CAREFUL WHEN REAPPLYING, AS THE MATERIAL COULD BE HOT. This act will loosen up the material, and allow you to smooth out the material. Be careful not to over stretch the skin when reapplying.
During the life of the Big Wigz skin there may be small wrinkles around the edges of the skin. To fix the wrinkles apply heat from a blow dryer for 10 seconds to the area and then press down the wrinkles. If necessary, administer additional heat to secure the skins position.

If air bubbles are present, first, try pressing the bubble(s) to the nearest side to release the air. To make the process easier, you can use a plastic card to apply more consistent pressure. If the bubble does not disappear try to reapply that section. If the skin has already been applied and secured, you may use a sewing needle to remove the trapped air from the bubble. Be careful to not tear or stretch the skin during this process.

It is IMPORTANT to understand that once the skin is removed, it will never fit properly again. To remove the skin, begin lifting one of the corners from the club head. Start by the toe and work your way back. If you intend to reuse the Big Wigz skin be careful during the removal process, as you can tear or stretch the material. Big Wigz does not recommend you try to reuse the same skin once it has been removed. It will never fit or look the same once it has been completely removed. If adhesive residue appears after removal of the skin, simply wipe down the club head with a damp cloth.

The adhesive used with the Big Wigz skin should not cause any harm to the club head surface. The adhesive used with Big Wigz skin is not permanent and will always be able to be removed. It is the same adhesive that has been consistently used on metals in the customization industry. BE AWARE: if your club has loose or chipped paint, the adhesive could remove some of that loose or chipped paint.

In a situation where you have skied the ball, the skin's vinyl will act as a barrier between the top surface of the club head and the ball. The skin's vinyl will help limit the damage done when you sky the ball or scratch the top surface of the club head. The Big Wigz Company does not guarantee the skin will completely protect the top surface of the club head from sky marks, nicks, or scratches as the skin serves as a layer of protection. Sky marks, nicks and scratches will be evident on the skin if they occur. It is better for those to be on the skin than on your club!

The skin is not permanent. The adhesive is strong enough to stay on your club for months but the life of the skin is dependent on the correct application and proper maintenance. If the skin is not applied correctly, you may begin to notice it not adhering to the edges of the club. The Big Wigz Company does not guarantee any certain length of time the skin will adhere to the club.

Do not get any water on the adhesive side of the Big Wigz skin. It will damage the adhesive and it will not have the strength to adhere to the club head. Any submerging of the club with a skin on it can alter or damage the skin or club. To clean the club head use a damp cloth.


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