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Caddyshack Dalai Lama Big Hitter Golf Headcover

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ReadyGOLF’s Caddyshack Dalai Lama Big Hitter Golf Headcover is a Must Have for the Truest Fans

Dalai Lama "Big Hitter" Golf Headcover

ReadyGOLF has surprised golfers time and time again with their innovative and inventive approach to golf accessories. They’re latest is sure to appease the die-hard fans of the classic film, Caddyshack. The Caddyshack Dalai Lama Big Hitter Golf Headcover is sure to go down as one of the most obscure pieces of movie memorabilia ever produced, which will make it the most sought after by collectors. This one of a kind headcover is made to look like the Dalai Lama himself recalling Carl Spackler’s amusing anecdote about caddying for the Big Hitter himself.

Made to fit 460cc drivers, the Caddyshack Dalai Lama Big Hitter Golf Headcover will provide enough protection for your clubs and features quality embroidery on the front and back. ReadyGOLF has designed this headcover for die-hard fans that will appreciate its obscureness and irreverence.

ReadyGOLF has outdone itself with the Caddyshack Dalai Lama Big Hitter Golf Headcover and further nestled its place in the hearts of golfers everywhere.

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