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​Rock the Green with Team Fashion

Aug 28th 2019

There’s nothing quite like a day on the course with your golf buddies. One of the most fun parts of amateur golf is the camaraderie -- and at ReadyGOLF, we’ve got plenty to share. We love hearing stories from our customers who have graced the greens in their wackiest ReadyGolf best. Themed golfing outfits may not perfect your swing, but they can lead to some of the best memories.Before your next team competition, try these themed fashion ideas on for size: The Good Ol’ Boys Founding Fathers: Yo
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Golfing Superstitions and Rituals You Won’t Believe Existed

Aug 19th 2019

Players in every sport have good days and bad. In an attempt to do away with “bad vibes” and make use of good energy, players tend to resort to strange habits and superstitions, ranging from performing a specific ritual before every game to considering a certain item to be lucky. Like every sport, golf too has its unique, quirky superstitions. Even the most successful pro golfers in the world fall into such routines which they believe will help them be in a favorable position to win every time.
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​How To Enjoy Cigars The Right Way While Golfing

Jun 18th 2019

Nothing can beat the joys of a good round of golf, but a good round of golf accompanied by a good cigar? Well, that is something else. A lot of golfers love to combine their favorite cigars with a fresh round of golf. However, not everyone does it right. So here are some tips for you to enjoy your cigars the right way while traversing the greens:l Store your cigars in proper conditions.Your cigars should be kept in ideal smoking conditions, which mean that they should be kept at a relative humid
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​How To Dress In Style On The Greens

May 1st 2019

Loose knits paired with shapeless trousers might have cut a fine silhouette at the local golf course back in the day, but that is not even remotely representative of modern-day menswear. However, golf style has managed to evolve over the last few years but there might still be a long way to go. Basically, adopting the new styles is like setting foot in a brave new world, and a little guidance never hurt anyone. So, here are a few tips and tricks that to ensure that you are able to put in style:1
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Unique Golf Gifting Ideas – Cigar Accessories Are a Great Option

Apr 24th 2019

Golf Cigar Holders, Cases, Travel Humidors, & Premium Cigars & Accessories for GolfersIt goes without saying, but cigars and golf go hand in hand. In fact, most of the celebrated players smoke cigars. In 2004, Miguel Angel Jimenez quoted, “There is no secret. Good food, good wine, good cigars and some exercise!” when asked what the secret to his long career was. If you know someone who is a golf player and probably smokes, it’s a good idea to give them cigar accessories as a unique golf
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