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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Easy Golf Gift Ideas for the Holidays

'Tis The Season, and that means one thing -- it's time to start shopping!

Here is our list of things to consider when shopping for the golfer on your list.
We have everything you need to find the perfect golf gift. Whether you're shopping for your husband, wife, friend or co-worker, the search stops here. We have something for everyone and gifts ranging from under $25 to Really Cool, Expensive Stuff.

Golf is personalized sport, golfers have different swings and different preferences, and selecting a gift for a golfer can be hard. Golf clubs and equipment come in different lofts, flex, colors and sizes. Our suggestions are designed to keep it simple, a golf gift anyone would love. You don't have to be a golf expert to give a great golf gift.

So, Here Is Our Holiday Gift Guide:

Gifts Under $25

Cartoon & Animal Headcovers
Golf headcovers are a great way for golfers to express a lighter, more humorous view of the game. Headcovers are a great way for golfers to express themselves while playing the game of golf. For instance, many people enjoy collecting items featuring a favorite cartoon character. A golfer who likes characters like Betty Boop, Spider-man, Popeye, Garfield, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Superman, would certainly enjoy head covers shaped like these cartoon characters. Novelty head covers make excellent gifts, and are mostly priced under $25.

Callaway Golf Gift Sets
It doesn't get much easier that this! Callaway Golf Gift Sets are perfect for any golfer. From water bottles, pint glasses to cigar accessories, Callaway has a collection to match the personality of the golfer in your life and they are very reasonably priced. A GREAT VALUE!

Gifts Under $50

Golf Balls
Golfers use golf balls (more than we care to admit) but how about something they will remember? If they have a favorite football team, NFL Logo Bridgestone e6 Straight Distance Golf Balls make a great gift. We have many of the popular NFL teams like the Green Bay Packers, Pittsburgh Steelers or last year's Super Bowl Champion, Baltimore Ravens.

Caddyshack Gifts
What golfer doesn't love Caddyshack? We have gift baskets that come with the DVD, gopher headcovers, Bushwood logoed golf balls and much, much more. We also carry apparel with the Bushwood Country Club Logo prominently displayed, from Carl Spackler's Camo Bucket Hats, Danny Noonan's Golf Cap, to Judge Smails Fedora. We are your one-stop shop for everything Caddyshack.

Harley Davidson Golf Gear
Know someone who likes motorcycles and golf? We offer the full range of Official-licensed, Harley-Davidson golf products including cart and stand bags, umbrellas, headcovers, divot repair tools, ball markers, towels, hats and more. ()All the golf gear you need with the famous Bar and Shield logo.

Amimono Hand-Crafted Crochet Animal Headcovers
If you are looking for something truly unique, you need to check out these out! They are amazing! Amimono makes hand knitted golf headcovers. crocheted animal headcovers including dogs, cats, giraffes and more. They are the most unique golf club headcovers you'll ever see!

Really Cool, Expensive Stuff

Some of the best golf gifts add style, convenience or richness to the playing experience. One good gift buying strategy is to hunt for slightly more luxurious versions of products the golfer needs, and maybe already has, but wouldn't buy for themselves.

Turf Chopper
It doesn't get much cooler than this! Is it a golf cart or a motorcycle? The "Turf Chopper" is a single rider motorized electric golf cart with motorcycle style. The freedom and versatility of a cart which in seconds converts from a walking power caddy to an eye popping riding cart. Use it on the course or ride it around the neighborhood. Either way, it's a sweet ride!

Caddytrek Follow Me Golf Cart
Look Ma, no hands! Remote-controlled, motorized golf carts are great, but Caddytrek CT2000BA is more robot than cart. Hands-free operation: Clip the remote to your belt and your robotic caddy will follow you wherever you go.

Garmin Golf GPS Watches
If Dick Tracy played golf, he'd use the "Garmin Approach S2 GPS Golf Watch". With accurate yardage to the front, back and middle of the green, and preloaded with 30,000 courses worldwide, it's a golfers dream come true. Rangefinders and GPS Units save the time pacing off distances from yardage markers, they speed up the game and make for a more enjoyable round.

David O'Keefe Tribute To Caddyshack Print
If there's one thing that all golfing enthusiasts can agree on, it's the fact that "Caddyshack" is one of the greatest movies of all time. Artist David O'Keefe has perfectly captured all the characters from the movie in his "Tribute to Caddyshack" print. Any golfer would love this print!

M-Clip Golf Ball Skins Money Clip - Brushed Stainless White Golf Ball
The M-Clip money clip is truly a unique design that allows you to hold cash and credit cards more securely, with less bulk than any other money clip or wallet on the market. For the avid golfer, M-Clip has created the ultimate golf money clip. Made with a genuine golf ball skin inlay, this money clip is designed to show your passion for the game. Handmade from start to finish, this money clip is made with the highest precision and care.

Tokens & Icons Golf Gifts
"Tokens & Icons", offers nostalgia to sports fans by recycling golf balls recovered from the lake at TPC Sawgrass into beautiful, one of a kind, cuff links, wallets and other functional gifts. Don't forget to take a look at their the "Fairway Wood Bottle Opener" and the "Iron Bottle Opener" made from recycled golf clubs. "Tokens & Icons" might just be the coolest "green" company ever!

Hockey Stick Putter
The movie "Happy Gilmore", is one of the great golf comedies of the post-Caddyshack era. For a generation of rowdy hockey fans, it not only made golf cool, it made a desirable object of a hockey stick putter-an item that, for a long time, existed only in the imaginary world of the film. That is until now! This "Happy Gilmore-Style Hockey Stick Putter" is designed in that ingenious vein of the putter used by Adam Sandler in the movie. Makes the perfect golf gift for anyone you know who loves hockey, golf, or Happy Gilmore!

Stocking Stuffers

Ball Markers
Ball markers make a great gift for under $25, especially for the ladies. Swarovski crystal golf ball markers are not only beautiful, they allow the golfer to show a little of their personality on the golf course. Ball markers are the "Pandora Bracelets" of golf. You can use a different one every day to express you mood or feeling or to create an expression that is uniquely you. ()Our ball marker collection is broken down into categories that make it easy to find the perfect the ball marker for the person on your list. From monograms, zodiac signs, cartoon characters to flowers we have just what you need to add that personal touch. Makes a greats stocking stuffer!

Naked Lady Tees
It may sound cliche, but, every year this is our best selling Christmas gift. Everyone remembers Rodney Danderfiedl in Caddyshack, "Orange balls! I'll have a box of those......and give me a box of those naked-lady tees." What can we say? It's a classic!

Still Can't Find Something?
We have ReadyGOLF Gift Cards in a size to fit any budget.
Picking out apparel or equipment is a challenge, even if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Don't forget the gift of golf itself. How about a round of golf? A round of golf at a great golf course someone has always wanted to play or even at a local favorite is a great gift. Contact your local golf course and see if they have a voucher for a round. Not sure where to play? Ask your friends and neighbors! There is a good chance that one of them play golf and can recommend a course in your area that would be a treat to the golfer on your list. There one thing all golfers want, and that is to play more golf.

Check out our complete list of golf gift ideas:

Golf Gifts Under $25
Golf Gifts Under $50
Golf Gifts Under $100
Really Cool Expensive Stuff

Happy Holidays from!


Thrusday, November 20, 2014

Caddyshack Gifts and Memorabilia

Caddyshack Gifts and Memorabilia
direct from the Bushwood Country Club Pro Shop

What golfer doesn't love Caddyshack?
We have gift baskets that come with gopher headcovers, Bushwood logoed golf balls, Naked Lady Tees and much, much more. We also carry apparel with the Bushwood Country Club Logo prominently displayed, from Carl Spackler's Camo Bucket Hats, Danny Noonan's Golf Cap, to Judge Smails Fedora.

For the true movie fans we offer one of a kind photos, posters and pin flags signed by the cast, including Chevy Chase, Cindy Morgan, Michael O'Keefe and Bill Murray, plus artwork and golf accessories from artist David O'Keefe featuring his Bushwood - A Tribute to Caddyshack Print.
ReadyGOLF is your one-stop shop for everything Caddyshack.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Introducing ReadyGOLF Ball Markers - Fun and Original Golf Ball Markers

Sure, you could just pull a coin out of your pocket, but where would the fun be in that? At Readygolf, we design golf ball markers that let you express your personality on the green. We have markers to show your patriotism, to inspire you to make that putt, or just give your playing partners a laugh. Choose from our Caddyshack, hand gesture, or guitar pick collections or maybe a scrabble letter monogram.

Caddyshack Golf Ball Markers and Hat Clips
Lighten up the mood on the course by pulling out a fun ball marker to get some laughs and chuckles from your buddies. ReadyGolf designs unique golf ball markers featuring memorable quotes from the classic movie Caddyshack

Cool Skin Series Golf Ball Markers from ReadyGOLF
Our Skin Series features inlays of real baseballs, basketballs, footballs, and golf balls, you are sure to be the only one in your party with these cool golf ball markers.

Guitar Pick Golf Ball Markers for Rockstar Golfers

Be a rockstar among golfers with your very own guitar pick golf ball marker from ReadyGolf. These markers prominently features the logos of famous guitar brands such as Fender and Gibson. Your buddies will think they're playing with Clapton or Richards when you pull out one of these cool ball markers. The guitar pick ball marker also doubles as an alignment tool to help you line up your putt.

Cool Crystal Studded Golf Ball Markers Featuring Popular Hand Gestures
Whether you're a rocker, a treckie, or have a laid back surfer personality, our hand gestures ball ball markers will express your individuality on the course.
From shaka signs to the well-known "live long and prosper" hand gesture made famous by Spock, you can find the unique ball marker tailored to your personality. A great ice breaker on the green, our ball markers are sure to garner interest from your foursome.

Express your originality with a unique ball marker design from ReadyGolf.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Green Jacket - A Tribute to Carl Spackler & 1980 by David O'Keefe

If you like Caddyshack you'll love this new print from David O'Keefe. A Tribute to Carl Spackler & 1980 completes the incredible Cinderella story of a former greens keeper that won The Masters with the presentation of The Green Jacket by Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Carl Spackler's Caddyshack Ice Cream

We have lots of great items in our Caddyshack Pro Shop, but, we don't have this. It's not real, but, it should be. Carl Spackler's Caddyshack Ice Cream.

It's a Hybrid of Chocolate & Coffee Ice Cream with Baby Ruth Chucks and Great Big Globs of Greasy Grimy Caramel Gopher Guts.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Golf Sun Hats

Golf Sun Hats from Ready Golf

Golf Sun Hats for men and women offer the perfect apparel for any bright, sunny golf outing. Ready Golf features hats of all sizes, styles, and colors, allowing you to perfectly accessorize your outfit for those hot days on the course. Several of our women sun hats feature colorful bows and ribbons to add a bit of flair to the fairway! Our men's shade hats are available in classic styles and flashy patterns alike. From our Aussie Chiller Hats to our Physician Endorsed Hats, express yourself on the greens with golf sun hats from Ready Golf!

Protect Yourself with Shade Hats Today!

As golfers, we all know how hot it can get on an 18-hole course during a summer day. We applaud anyone who has the courage to golf 36-holes in 90° weather. However, it's important to protect your skin with appropriate shade hats during these blistering rounds of golf. Our sun protective hats are designed to fully shade your face from harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and painful sunburn, turning your fun game of golf into an excruciating experience.

Statistics show that for every hour of golf, players can receive 3.5 to 5.4 times the amount of UV radiation needed to cause sunburn. Ready Golf wants you to stay safe on the greens by purchasing our sun protective hats today!

Order Sun Protective Hats for Friends and Family

Sun protective hats make perfect golf gifts for players of all ages. Treat your friends and family to our stylish shade hats that they're sure to enjoy!

Take a look a the large selection of Golf Sun Hats from ReadyGOLF Today!


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ready for Augusta?

Check out our ReadyGOLF, Replica Masters Augusta Green Jacket

Every year, the winner of The Masters is presented with the famous "Green Jacket." You may not play like a Masters Champion, but now you can look like one.

In the 1930's, Augusta National members began wearing green jackets during the tournament so they could be easily identified should guests need help or have questions. The tradition of the Masters winner slipping on the Green Jacket began in 1949 and soon became a symbol of the champion of the most prestigious tournament in golf.

Now you can present the winner of your next tournament with our beautiful Replica Masters Augusta Green Jacket. Great for costume or Halloween parties, why not dress up as Tiger Woods, Phil Michelson or Bubba Watson? Also available without patch.

Replica Masters Augusta Green Jacket


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Caddyshack Ball Markers

The world of golf accessories has no shortage of Caddyshack memorabilia. These Caddyshack golf accessories are ideal gifts for golfers or just fun items to add to your own collection of golf gear. One of our favorite new items is our Caddyshack golf markers. When you are trying to let the world know which ball is yours there is not a lot of better ways to do so than with one of these cool markers.

The Caddyshack ball markers come in three styles. Two have the iconic mascot of the beloved movie the Dancing Gopher. The other features the classic advice offered by Chevy Chase's Ty Webb "Be the Ball!" It is a nice reminder of that great and hilarious advice. These Caddyshack golf markers are also the ideal way to reduce the tension while you are playing a great round of golf.

These new Caddyshack golf markers are made by us and are a stellar addition to our other Caddyshack golf accessories. We are excited to continue adding new items to this line this year and encourage Caddyshack loving golfers to check back regularly for more updates on the line!


Friday, January 15, 2014

Shiver Me Timbers Mens Golfing Shorts by Loudmouth Golf

One of our favorite new Loudmouth Golf prints for 2014, Shiver me Timbers - Jolly Roger, Classic Pirate Skull & Crossbones Design

PAAAAAAAaaaaaarrrr mateys!!!! Loudmouth's first attack on the popular skulls & crossbones design in true Loudmouth fashion using paisleys. You can wear these with a golf shirt on the course, then don a leather jacket and maybe an eyepatch afterwards to step out at night with your scabbard!

The meaning of Shiver me Timbers is unknown, some say the phrase originated from when the water or a canon would hit the ship, and the ship would shake. Hence, shivering, and timbers being the actual ship. Others say it means "rattle my bones". Timbers referring to bones, and shiver referring to being afraid. Regardless of it's origins, this new print from Loudmouth Golf will have you talking like a pirate and have the rest of your foursome shaking in their golf shoes. "Shiver me timbers, ya bilge rat! Get out of me rum!"

Loudmouth Golf shorts are fun! A cotton-spandex blend, our shorts deliver comfort and style like no other golf shorts. Perfect for a round of golf and night on the town. Also available in Pants and Ladies Skorts.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Exciting New Spring Collection of Loudmouth Golf Pants

If you are looking for the best men's golf pants on the market look no further than ReadyGolf's insane selection of Loudmouth golf apparel. I say "insane" for a reason. The New 2014 Line of Loudmouth Golf Pants are available in the most eye popping styles imaginable. We are not just talking about the brightly colored plaid patterns of so many golf pants of the past. These days we are looking at innovative and unique styles like you have never seen!

What kind of patterns you ask? How about a collection of overlapping shamrocks in a variety of hues of green? What about some stylish, yet still masculine, flower patterns? How about weird and wild colorful squiggles over a solid white pant?

These are just some of these fantastic patterns available from Loudmouth golf pants.

That is not all of course, there are also shorts available in these same stunning patterns. Each pair is well made and designed to be comfortable for the golfer wearing them. If you want matching couples golf pants each pattern is also available in women's golf pants and shorts.

If you love bold style then the selection of Loudmouth golf pants available right now from is for you!


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