C-Thru Grips


C-Thru Golf Grips for Uncompromised Control and Stability

Develop a better feel for your putter for a more accurate putt. ReadyGOLF has C-Thru golf grips that you can incorporate into your putters for improved tackiness for superior control. Here at ReadyGOLF, we supply the unconventional golfer with a variety of creatively designed putter grips for bold style on the greens. We feature a wide variety of designs ranging from animal prints, flags, symbols, and more. We even have licensed NFL, MLB, NHL, and college sports team logos. Our custom labels allow your individuality to be put on display. We also offer custom labels that feature your own personal style or corporate logos for your company.

Get a better feel for your putting game with C-Thru golf grips from ReadyGOLF