GEL Putters


Our entire putter range has been designed with input from Tour professionals to provide the user with a beautifully balanced head that encourages the ball to roll faster and straighter.

We have both mens and ladies putters, plus a newly designed range by Dr. Paul Hurrion with perimeter weighting, larger sweetspots and increased size of inserts.

The combined use of the GEL technology above creates instant forward roll on the golf ball and reduces the effect of skidding. Tests have proved that the initial performance of a golf ball after strike is the crucial element in maintaining the line of the putt - that is why GEL Groove Putters outperform the rest.

GEL groove and insert technology also allows weight to be positioned around the perimeter of the club head creating a high Moment of Inertia (MOI*) to increase the forgiveness and create that truer roll. This increased MOI, the instant roll and the patented new GEL shaft enables all golfers to experience the latest in putter technology and improve their scores!!

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