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Head'n Home Hats: Aussie Soaker & Sun Protective Hats

Breathable mesh and sueded leather soaker hats and golf sun hats from Head'n Home provide UPF 50+ sun protection to keep you cool on the course

To protect yourself on the golf course during the hottest summer months, you'll need more than just sunblock and a baseball cap. Head'n Home hats provide significant sun protection and ventilation in Aussie style hats that look great on the golf course. Head'n Home sun protective hats utilize breathable mesh that blocks 70% of UV rays, complemented with supple sueded leather tops and brims with a UPF 50+ rating for maximum protection from sunburn and glare. We also have their all-mesh soaker hats, which can be doused with water to keep you cool for hours. The all-mesh Head'n Home hats, as well as their leather crusher hats can be folded and stuffed into your luggage and come out looking great, making them perfect for your golf trips to sunny destinations.


Keep a cool head with breathable Head'n Home hats from ReadyGOLF.


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