Hockey Stick Putters


Hockey Stick Putters for Fun on the Golf Course

Who can forget the 90's classic Happy Gilmore? Along with some memorable quotes and side-splitting laughs, one of the main things people remember about the movie is the hockey style putter Adam Sandler's character used on tour. ReadyGOLF carries hockey putters from Hockey Stick Putters that feature a number of different professional NHL and college team logos for golfers who are also fans of hockey. Officially licensed by the NHL, the Hockey Stick Putter is also true golf putter with precision weight that you can incorporate into your golf game. With a moisture proof grip and a compression-molded graphite shaft, the unorthodox hockey stick putter might just be your new favorite putter which easily accommodates both righties and lefties.

Have some fun and turn heads on the putting green with the Hockey Stick Putter from