Legendary Headwear


Tiara Customizable Golf Visors and Jewelry Strands by Legendary Headwear

Customize Your Game with a Tiara visor and change your bands to match your outfit.

Legendary Headwear has created innovative headwear for some of the largest active sportswear, surf, golf and entertainment companies in the world. TIARA customizable golf viosrs and jewelry strands are truly unique. The first headwear of its kind, Tiara branded visors from Legendary Headwear allow you to create your own extraordinary customized headwear... your way. The patented Tiara Visors come in 2 styles: small and large bill, with a terry cloth band, and 2 colors: white and black. With up to 64 Combinations of jewels, pearls, charms, shells & more! Just Clip onto visor, Easily, for a whole new look!

Create your own extraordinary customized headwear with a Tiara Visor