Big Wigz Skins


Big Wigz Skins are the newest and creative way for golfers to express their personality while teeing it up.

Now you can personalized your driver with your favorite Loudmouth Golf print like Disco Balls, Shagadelic Black or even Loudmouth's new Drop Cloth print. So now you can match your driver to your favorite outfit. "Better to look good, than to play good"

Big Wigz Skins allows you to personalized your driver, with a non-permanent self adhesive vinyl with a high resolution graphic or logo that covers the top surface of the club giving the club a new "paint" like finish.You can apply your Big Wigz Skins yourself using a hair dryer and now with the new Wrap-Cut Application you can create a perfectly straight cut for an extremely professional look. The New Fine Filament Edge Cutting Tape make the process even easier. Big Wigz Skins conforms to USGA Rules, only adds 2-3 grams of weight, and serves as a layer of protection from skymarks and small scratches that will not damage the top surface of the club.

Play Loud, Play with Style and Personality with Big Wigz Skins

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