Divot Repair Tools


The Loudmouth Golf Ball Marker & Divot Repair Tools by feature a fully retractable in design with a slide out Loudmouth ball marker.

The fold away blades, making it easy to place in your pocket or in your golf bag without puncturing the material. A Wedge Scoop Design which reduces the lifting motion during turf repair that can lead to accidental root separation, which causes even more damage to the turf. Insert the PicthMaster just outside the back of the pitchmark. Pull the turf towrads the center of the hole. Repeat this same motion on all sides of the hole. Gently tap the repaired area with your putter. PitchMaster Divot Tool has been called the fastest divot repair tool in the west.

Whip out your Loudmouth Golf Divot Repair Tool and impress your friends.

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