Lynda Marie

Cleavage Coolers are made of a fabric-wrapped gel pack that you can freeze, then place in your bra for instant hot flash relief. If you are really bothered by the heat, whether from the weather, perspiration, hot flashes, night sweats or medical treatments you are in the right place! Welcome to Lynda Marie of Palm Springs, the original Cleavage Cooler Boutique - your source for beautiful body cooling products.

In hot weather, everyone wants to cool off. Lynda Marie became very tired of being hot so one day about a decade ago while living in Palm Springs, she invented "Cleavage Coolers(R)." Her amazing product ideas have since been featured on Dr. Phil and other television shows.
Cleavage Coolers(R) have become known as "almost as good a friend as a diamond," she says. "Ladies pop them in the freezer over night and then tuck them down their bras. The instant relief lasts for hours when shopping, working out, hiking & biking, working indoors or outdoors, participating in sports, camping, gardening, mowing the lawn or poolside sun-tanning.

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