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Electric Golf Carts from MGI to Modernize the Way You Play

MGI Golf wants to innovate the way you play golf. MGI Golf is renowned for their patented technology, convenience, and quality that will help usher in the future of golf. At ReadyGOLF, you can find a large selection of the latest electric golf carts that feature fully directional remote controls that allow you to control the speed and course of their trajectory so they can follow you to the next hole. Our motorized golf push carts make going from hole to hole effortless, preserving your energy and focus on your next stroke. We have a variety of models to choose from that feature the latest technological advances that you can incorporate into your game. Our selection of electric golf buggies can traverse almost any terrain and their sleek, ergonomic design are appreciated by golfers of every level.

Get electric golf carts from MGI at ReadyGOLF

MGI Golf: Zip Seat


Zip Seat by MGI Golf *STOCK AVAILABLE TO SHIP ON 05/25/2020 The MGI range of accessories extend the functionality and longevity of the electric carts. Our accessories range from weather adaptive features so you can play in the rain to GPS systems...

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