Royal & Awesome


Royal & Awesome Golf Pants, Shorts & Skorts

There are many ways to get noticed on the golf course and only some of involve your game. Same rules apply at the clubhouse bar -- an attractive pair of pants sets you apart from your opponent. Adding a glow to your general radius, Royal & Awesome golf pants will set you apart from ever blending in. People will notice you. Anywhere.

On the golf course, yes. Or a dimly-lit bar. Or certain regions of outer space during solar eclipse. These are some very bright pants, available exclusively at The dull, drab tweeds say a lot of about yourself and when did you become that person anyway? Royal & Awesome golf pants render a trendy, full-color assault on all that approaches, leaving the everything else in black and white or (if lucky) gray.

Not just pants, mens and womens shirts and polos, plus knickers for the gents and skorts for the ladies. Accessories like flat caps, belts and socks. Each style has its own guide to explain which size to select based on your measurements.

Not just pants, spectacular golf pants -- serious about quality; made from high-grade cotton, breathable, comfortable enough for a full 19 holes of punishment -- serious about fun; every pair of Royal & Awesome trousers and shorts come with a free bottle opener and golf tool.

Royal & Awesome For The Pars And Bars. Blend in? Yeah, right.