TRUE linkswear


TRUE linkswear Golf Shoes: Barefoot Golf Shoes for Comfort & Control

Advanced materials combine with natural ergonomics to make the most comfortable golf shoes you can buy

TRUE linkswear revolutionized the world of golf footwear when they pioneered the concept of barefoot golf shoes. Incorporating a "zero-drop" sole which places the heel and the forefoot at the same height, TRUE linkswear shoes encourage a better swinging posture from your feet up, while the large toe box allows you to spread your toes to maximize stability and power throughout your swing. In addition, the feather light weight of TRUE linkswear golf shoes promote dynamic movement through your swing so your form can be as biomechanically natural as possible. With a selection of casual and athletic styles, as well as some waterproof golf shoes and chukkas, you may find yourself doing everything in your TRUE golf shoes. Many runners swear by their TRUEs, and several have even completed marathons in them. Where will they take you?

Revolutionize your game from the bottom up with TRUE linkswear golf shoes from ReadyGOLF.


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