You Can Hide It


Don't waste your money on overpriced drinks when you go out. BYOB and hide your beverages with our secret flasks instead!

Let's face it, drinks are expensive. You work hard and you deserve to have some fun. Why pay exorbitant prices for watered down drinks when you can bring alcohol from home in a hidden flask for 1/10th of the cost? Keep that money in your pocket instead of making someone else rich.

And don't waste your time standing in line for those overpriced drinks either. Party time is precious! Those poor schleps will miss the game or concert, but you'll be sitting right there in your comfy seat enjoying yourself with your hidden flask. You are sure to be the envy among your family and friends!

Our liquor flasks are easy to hide and look exactly like regular, everyday personal items. No one will ever know you're packing (not even security)! Our hidden flasks are...large capacity, easy to hide, leakproof, easy to fill, reusable, easy to clean, and all are 100% food grade plastic flasks.

If you want to know how to sneak alcohol on a cruise, into a concert or sports game, ski slopes, beaches and've come to the right place! Looking for tailgating supplies or custom flasks you can take right past security with no hassle? We've got you covered.

Join us in bringing POWER back to the people! Don't let them rip you off at the concession stands for even a moment longer.