Butthead Bull Headcover by AB Golf Designs

Butthead Bull Headcover by AB Golf Designs


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Butthead Headcover 'Bull Shot' by AB Golf Designs

"Bull Shot" Bull Headcover

If you mess with the bull, you may get the horn!

This was a special request by a famous football player who will remain anonymous. It's an all brown body with a black brush tip on the tail and two golden nuggets in the proper position for a bold golfing statement. The cute tip of the swag tail is high pile and the black hooves are imitation leather. The legs and tail have embedded PVC coated wiring for fun and flexible positioning. All materials are non toxic and flame retardant. Double stitching with top quality thread ensures product strength for a long life. The lining and padding provide head protection. Durable inner elastic secures a tight fit over the neck so that the cover will not fall off in the fairway or end up in the garage. It fits all clubs from the big butt 460cc driver on down to the little fairway woods. The contrasting black sock, made of yarn materials, provides maximum protection to the graphite metal golf club shaft. Surface washable with a damp cloth.

Securely fits the new 460cc drivers and smaller woods.

Your clubs deserve protection. Your mates deserve a laugh.

Furry, fun and functional

About Butthead Headcovers:

Once in a while, the stars align and God smiles upon a couple searching for that perfect match to share life's dreams, hopes, desires, and love. So it is for Danny and Alice Scott, who have blended years of extensive corporate training and leadership experience with their passion for life, golf, and family.

An idea was born on a golf outing, when a fellow golfer asked what was in our golf bag. "It looks like a turkey's butt", he said. It was actually a well worn reindeer with its antlers hanging low. A few holes later, the idea of Butthead Covers was born.

Why Golf? We enjoy the game of golf for its camaraderie of friends and strangers, love of nature and the competition of sport. You have to have a sense of humor for playing golf and the butthead covers will express that.

The passion of helping others is at the forefront of our decision to start a business in which we can give back to the community. A portion of every sale initiated through buttheadcovers.com will be donated to charity. We will focus on fundraising partnerships as well.

Butthead Covers is a family oriented business. Mike, our son, designed each cover and associated graphics. He offers his graphic interpretation on a freelance basis. Our daughter, Amanda, was a junior club champion who went on to play collegiate golf.


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