Cigar-Jockey Cigar Holder

Cigar-Jockey Cigar Holder


The best way to keep your cigar "On Course"

Cigar-Jockey™…a must for every golfer who enjoys a cigar with their round of golf.

Tired of your cigar always being in-hand or having to drop it to the ground before every shot?

Tired of your cigar getting wet, going out, or breaking?

Then Cigar-Jockey™ is for you!

Keep Your Lips Off The Grass!
Think about it. Every time you set your cigar down on the course, it’s like kissing someone’s shoes or kissing a bag of grass treatment chemicals. Yuck!

So Versatile And Easy To Use
Cigar-Jockey™ snaps onto any bag with rain hood fasteners, fits into tee holders on pull and power carts, can be placed into the ground like a tee, and can even be used as a cigar punch!

When snapped onto your bag, Cigar-Jockey™ can be rotated to a level position no matter what angle your bag is at. And the deep seat design keeps your cigar securely in the holder.

Cigar-Jockey™ is made from high-grade materials.

Need A Great Gift Or Planning An Event?
Cigar-Jockey™ makes a great gift, and because it can easily be customized with a name or logo, is a great product for golf tournaments, corporate functions, or other events.

Need a club rest?
Cigar-Jockey also serves as a club rest for those damp fairways and greens, when an extra club is needed!

Works Great For Cigarettes Too!
Cigar-Jockey™'s unique design holds cigarettes equally as well.


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