ClubRunner Motorized Golf Cart

ClubRunner Motorized Golf Cart


ClubRunner Motorized Golf Cart


The ClubRunner is, hands-down, the best-selling golf motorcaddie and is designed for golfers who want to walk without the stress associated with carrying or pulling a heavy golf bag. The ClubRunner Caddie is priced hundreds of dollars less than others.

  • Goes from your trunk to the tee in 60 seconds
  • Adjustable bag rest with velcro straps.
  • Steers easily with your fingertips and features
    a one-hand speed control that adjusts to your walking pace.
  • Built-in cruise control automatically compensates for hills.
  • Comes with sealed lubrication 12 volt battery
    and state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled charger.
  • Optional stabilizer fourth wheel to prevent tipping on tough terrain
  • 2-year warranty backed by a nationwide network of 450 service centers.

ClubRunner™ is powered by a 12 volt electric motor. The hand control features a rocker on/off switch and variable speed control to adjust and set the speed of the caddie. The built-in cruise control automatically adjusts the speed to changes in the terrain. The battery charger, designed a specially designed volt gel cell which will not spill if tipped over. The battery charger, designed specifically for charging cycle of the gel cell battery, can fully recharge in seven hours or less. The caddie requires only minor assembly before use.

Club is designed for golfers who want to walk without the stress associated with carrying or pulling a heavy golf bag. The use of the ClubRunner™ eliminates the damage and pollution caused by heavy riding carts. Walking with a ClubRunner™ makes golf more enjoyable because it's healthier, better for your game, and better for the course than driving a golf cart.

  • Built-in cruise control compensates for hills automatically
  • Start and stop smoothly with a touch of your finger on the Power Switch.
  • Got a big bag? Set the Upper Bag Rest higher. Small bags rest safely on the lower position.
  • Match your walking pace with the variable Speed Control. One hand sets the speed from 0 to 10.
  • ClubRunner carries a 2-year Warranty and is backed by a nationwide network of more than 300 service centers.
  • Sturdy Velcro Straps easily adjust to hold your bag, regardless of its size and shape.
  • Goes from trunk to tee in 60 seconds. So you've got a lightweight, self-propelled caddie, ready to play the game when you are.
  • Sealed, 31-amp Gel-Cell Battery powers round after round and recharges in less than 10 hours.
  • Climbs those steep hills with ease. Because the rubber-like Tires give you non-slip traction, even on rain-slick grass.
  • Thanks to its low center of gravity, ClubRunner goes where pull cars
    tip over automatically, where golf carts fear to tread.
  • Sealed lubrication, 12-volt, 180 watt motor easily powers for 18 holes over the longest, hilliest courses.
  • Adjust the Lower Bag Rest with fingertip ease. Its Velcro straps hold your bag securely.
  • Separate on/off switch and speed control knob allow hands-free operation down the fairway.
  • Modern, engineered composite Wheel Hubs mean they're lightweight and rust is a non-issue.
  • Connect, adjust and detach the Front Wheel Assembly with fingertip ease. Just pull the shaft away from or into the chassis, and then lock it into place.

    ClubRunner weighs 22 lbs.
    Battery weighs 24 lbs.
    Put it all together and you've got a lightweight motorcaddie.

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