David O'Keefe/Devant: Caddyshack - Cinderella Story Golf Towel

David O'Keefe/Devant: Caddyshack - Cinderella Story Golf Towel

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Caddyshack - Cinderella Story Golf Towel

A classic golf movie captured on a golf towel

David O'Keefe's Cinderella Story print captures Bill Murray as Carl Spackler in this famous scene at Bushwood Country Club in the movie Caddyshack.

Devant replicates this beautiful image with innovative Hi Def digital technology.


  • Unique David O'Keefe characterization of Bill Murray
  • Super-absorbent poly/cotton blend
  • Size: 16" x 25"
  • Lock clip solid brass attachment
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David's Inspiration:

"Due to the popularity of the "Caddyshack'' cast painting, we decided to produce individual images of the main characters from the movie. First, I drew Bill Murray's character, Carl Spackler, in his `Cinderella Story` moment. And now I've painted Al Czervik, the hilarious character played by Rodney Dangerfield.

Among "Caddyshack'' fans, he's almost as popular as Bill Murray's character, he's almost more quoted than Bill Murray. I think my favorite quote of his is: "Now I know why tigers eat their young,'' which he says right after meeting Judge Smails' grandson, Spaulding.

I painted him with his heavy golf bag, with the boxing gloves for club covers and the stereo that played "Any Way You Want It'' by Journey. He's also got his putter in front of him, the one with the sonar tracking. And he's in one of his classic poses from the movie, arms up, hands wide, his big eyes popping out. It is a more cartoonish image than my other "Caddyshack''work, but that seems to go with the character.

Dangerfield hadn't made many movies before that one, and he really overplayed it, but he was so funny. He was a funny guy.

Not long after I finished it, we went to the Caddyshack Charity Golf Tournament at World Golf Village and Bill Murray, who was signing some of my art for a charity auction, saw it for the first time. "Hey, that's Rodney ... that's a good Rodney too,'' he said. It was pretty cool, especially because he actually knew Rodney.


About David O'Keefe Master Sculptor and Passionate Painter

Raised on Hollywood, sports and rock and roll music, David O'Keefe has an acute awareness for the images and personalities that have colored the lives of his generation. He just sees things differently - more intensely, edgier, somewhat more perspicuous than the average spectator. The pop culture icons that we idolize, glamorize and glorify, O'Keefe visualizes for us in all their humanness as well as their stardom.

An editorial illustrator for over 25 years, O'Keefe began his art career at The Tampa Tribune as a promotion artist, dabbled in editorial cartooning under mentor, Wayne Stayskal, and spent several years as the Special Project's Illustrator for the newsroom. His sardonic caricatures and humorous illustrations have appeared on the covers of Sports Illustrated, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Mad Magazine, The Village Voice and within the pages of TIME. His advertising clients include Coca-Cola, WaffleHouse, Fuji and SunCom Communications.

In 2007, David left his day job to pursue his passion of painting and sculpting pop culture icons. O'Keefe's work is transformative, capturing not just the likeness of his subjects, but their personalities as well. He has recently released an epic depiction of the characters from The Godfather and of the entire I Love Lucy cast. His company, David O'Keefe Studios, distributes his work through galleries across the country and in Europe. David O'Keefe Studios also operates a solo gallery on St. Armand's Circle in Sarasota, Florida.

O'Keefe's work has won numerous awards from such organizations as The Society of Illustrators (NY and LA), American Illustration, Communication Arts, National Headliner Awards, Dimensional Illustrators, and the Society of News Design.

He considers himself blessed to pursue his dream and finds great joy in his work and in his family. O'Keefe currently resides in the Tampa Bay Area with his wife, Janice and their four children.




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