Motorized Golf Carts

Remote Control & Motorized Golf Carts from ClubRunner, CaddyTek, & More

Make walking the greens a walk in the park with an electric golf caddy

Golf can be an easygoing pasttime shared with friends or a serious test of focus and skill, yet lugging a weighty bag of clubs on a shoulder for around 5 miles is not conducive to either. Strained back or shoulder muscles can only detract from a player's swing, and exerting while carrying clubs is hardly an easygoing pastime. 

An electric golf trolley or remote control golf caddy allows you to walk the fairway, enjoying the health benefits of walking those 5 or so miles. Unlike non-powered pull carts, electric golf caddies will never place strain on the forearm muscles, so delicate putts and strong swings aren't hampered by using them. You could hire a caddy at some clubs, but you'll lose the privacy that makes golfing with friends so much fun. And unlike renting a club car, with a motorized golf cart you can bring your clubs right to the play area on any course.

Our selection of remote control golf carts and electric golf trolleys features models from the most popular brands such as Clubrunner and PowaKaddy, as well as some insane riding caddies from Turf Chopper that are sure to draw some confused stares. From the simple and elegant assist of eMotion carts, to the uncannily autonomous CaddyTrek, which will follow you like a loyal pet, you'll find innovations that make walking the course more enjoyable. 

Spare the strain and invigorate your game with a remote control golf cart from ReadyGOLF.