Counter Balance

Counter Balance Weights and Back-Weighting Golf Clubs

The concept of back weighting clubs has been around for many years. Jack Nicklaus use to add lead tape under the grips. Today, interchangeable weight can be installed in the butt end of woods, irons, wedges or putter. This is called counter-balancing or back-weighting. A lot of people feel it counter balances the weight of the head. It's effect are most noticeable in putting, however, the benifits of counter-balancing can be felt from wedges to the driver. The overall balance of a golf club to produce more solidness of contact, consistency, speed and greater distance and maintain the proper rhythm and tempo.

The leader in this technology is Balance-Certified. Founded by two NASA engineers, Balance-Certified has devised a system that allows golfers to figure precisely how much weight they need to achieve optimum results. Momentus Golf 's POWER X is also a great why to give counter balancing a try. The POWER X gives the same results as having your clubs professionally counter-weighted, but it can be easily removed with no drilling, and no damage to your grips or shafts.

If you are looking for more distance, or greater consistency and accuracy, take a look at counter balancing your golf clubs.