Gogie Girl: Cotton Corduroy Soft Mesh Hat: DOTTIE-Brown/Pink - SALE

Gogie Girl: Cotton Corduroy Soft Mesh Hat: DOTTIE-Brown/Pink - SALE

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Gogie Girl: Cotton Corduroy Soft Mesh Hat: Dottie-Brown/Pink

  • Custom embroidering and hat colors options available upon request.

  • Hat with brims that allow us to see the world, and the world to see us.

  • Hats that allow us to wear that pony tail just where we like it.

  • Our special Silton lining brings you a hat that is so comfortable you'll wear it day in and day out.

  • Its not a "one size fits most" world we've designed two sizes, Standard and Petite

Our traditional style hat is made with 100% Cotton Corduroy fabric sewn together with our proprietary SiltonTM lining, creating a very soft comfortable fit.

Available sizes: Standard & Petite

Our signature Polka Dotted line is a unique combination of 100% Cotton Corduroy. Our exclusive SoftweaveTM mesh together with our proprietary SiltonTM linings provides a very soft comfortable fit.

The Perfert Fit:

What's your Gogie Size?
Measure the circumference of your head approximately 1 inch above your ears. Then measure from the top center of your head down towards your ear to see where the hat will sit. Then check our sizes below to determine which is your perfect fit.

Petite - Circumference - 19 1/2" - 23 " and 5 3/4 from the top of head to ear.

Standard - Circumference - 21" - 24 1/2 " and 6 1/2 " from the top of head to ear.


Gogie Girl - Cindy and Vicky - The Founders

Apparently, whoever said, "You can't have it all," never met a Gogie Girl. Meet Cindy and Vicky, two full-time moms who not only share a passion for fashion, but completely embody the philosophy they've adopted. That while it's nice to be one of the guys, it's GREAT to be a girl! A Gogie Girl .

What exactly is a Gogie Girl? She's YOU! She's bright, articulate, loving, and spontaneous. She's a whirlwind of energy, constantly searching for ways to carve out quality time for everyone including herself. She's a woman who, more often than not, glances into the mirror in the morning, throws on a baseball hat, and races out the door.

For too many years, Cindy and Vicky were content to grab one of their husband's baseball hats, cinch up the buckle in the back, and off they'd go. Not only did the hat never fit properly, it didn't come close to fitting their personalities. They finally reached a conclusion. A GOGIE GIRL WOULD NEVER STAND FOR THAT!

Cindy and Vicky have created a line of baseball hats exclusively for women. Among other things, their hats feature soft silk linings, fashion-forward colors, and enough room to wear that ponytail wherever you want it. They've also added a signature Swarovski crystal for that special Gogie Girl touch.

Vicky's husband, Duffy Waldorf, is a 21-year veteran and four-time winner on the PGA Tour. With a current ranking of 59th on the All-Time Money List, Duffy's talent is undeniable. Known for his colorful shirts and hats, this fashion-forward golfer will be the first to tell you how incredibly blessed he is to be married to Vicky. Combining her expertise and excitement with his unwavering support, the Gogie Girl line will be launched with all the passion and flare of a sudden death playoff at The Masters.

Cindy's husband, John Gilmore, is that perfect last piece to the Gogie Girl puzzle. With over 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing, John has joined the Gogie Girl team with an expertise in niche marketing. He is also trying to figure out a way to take a few bucks from Duffy on the golf course? a feat most experts suggest will only happen if Duffy shows up with two casts on his arms!

Two innovative women... two lucky husbands. Just what a Gogie Girl deserves.



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