Good Luck Brand: 4 Leaf Clover Gift Set S-12 Heart Necklace

Good Luck Brand: 4 Leaf Clover Gift Set S-12 Heart Necklace


4 Leaf Clover Gift Set S-12 Heart Necklace by Good Luck Brand

GIFT SET CASES: 4 Leaf Clover Gift Set with Heart Hat Clip and Necklace


  • (1) Heart Shapes Ball Marker & Hat Clip

  • (1) Heart Shapes Shamrock Necklace

Please Note: Colors and finish may vary from the photo.

Our most unique item is a specially packaged gift set.

Not only is it an ideal gift item for someone special, it is an ideal giveaway prize for championship tournaments of all levels.

Additional features:

  • Gift box dimensions: 5.2" x 3.4" x 1.4"

  • Genuine four-leaf clovers

The Four-Leaf Clover is an uncommon variant of the common, three-leaf clover. According to legend, such rare leaves bring very good luck to their finders. Each leaf represents something profound : the first is HOPE, the second is FAITH, the third is LOVE and fourth leaf is for LUCK. A four-leaf clover is universally adopted as a symbol for good luck.

With good omen in mind, we have produced a truly remarkable, one-of-a-kind golf accessory and poker card protector. Whether you are an avid golfer or a weekend warrior, everyone will need a bit of luck on the field, especially in the putting green. Even playing a poker game with friends, you need a bit of good fortune at the river.As they say, sometimes you'd rather be luck than good.

Good Luck Brand is the first worldwide supplier of genuine 4-leaf clover products. We use only genuine four-leaf clovers, which makes every item unique with varying colors and shapes. Four-leaf clover is a universal symbol of good luck, which makes it attractive to people throughout the world. We have high standards of production processes and design guarantee of high quality products.

4-Leaf Clover Farm

Produce limited amount of 4-leaf clovers using special bunches developed by genetics. Grow genuine 4-leaf clovers in the green house with special care. About 1 million leaves are produced from 2.5 acre per year. Selecting clovers only with good shape and color. (9% / bunch)

Our products are handmade individually by our trained staff and we take the extra time to make it one of a kind.

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