IZZO GOLF: Ionetix Dual Strap

IZZO GOLF: Ionetix Dual Strap


Our patented One-Up Dual strap now infused with IONETIX technology.

IONETIX is a holistic technology that uses negative molecular therapy in the form of minus ions. Ion therapies have been known to help reduce stiffness in joints, lower stress levels, and promote an overall feeling of well being.


  • IONETIX Technology is built into each strap
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fits all right or left handed carry bags
  • Ergonomic design featuring contoured straps
  • Quick, simple adjustments can be performed while the bag is being worn
  • Carries weight more efficiently, with more comfort than other dual straps
IZZO. Ideas, innovation, and quality. For the game you love. Be good.

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