Joke Balls with Naked Lady Tee Gift Pack

Joke Balls with Naked Lady Tee Gift Pack


Joke Balls with Naked Lady Tee Gift Pack

Want to have some fun with your friends this summer playing golf?

Our Joke balls and naked lady tees pack is just what the doctor ordered. They look just like regular golf balls.

Of course, we have the ball that explodes into a cloud of dust on impact: The Exploder. Oops..didn't know your own strength did ya?

Next we have The Streamer. This ball vanishes and changes into fifteen feet of spiraling ribbon on impact.

And the best for last, our personal favorite, The Unputtaball. This is perfect for your uptight opponent. The trick is switching the ball out so he doesn't realize he's not putting with his own ball. Try this: while you politely offer to clean his ball with your towel, wager him a dollar he can't make that short putt without lining up the logo. Then switch out his ball with the Unputtaball and replace it on his mark. When he strokes it, the ball will look like a Mexican jumping bean, jumping offline.

What else is needed to complete a round? Of course, a naked lady tee. This sexy tee also doubles as a divot repair tool.

A Great Gift for golfers and non-golfers alike!!


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