Momentus Indoor Driver with Standard Grip (Black Head) DIRS50C

Momentus Indoor Driver with Standard Grip (Black Head) DIRS50C


Momentus Practice Driver...Bomb It Down The Fairway!

Ideal for use when there is a limited amount of space. Only 30" long. It's great to use on rainy days or in the winter when practicing outside is prohibited.

The Momentus Practice Driver is the latest game improvement innovation from Momentus Golf. What makes the Practice Driver unique is the head-weighted design. The purpose is to feel and know where the club head is in your swing. The head-weighting design offers a golfer immediate feedback and feel as to where the club head is at all times while making practice swings.

  • Momentus Practice Driver Swing Trainer features:
  • Feel the club head as you swing
  • Develop the proper golf swing
  • Maintain a square club face
  • Improve flexibility and strength
  • Increase club head speed and distance
  • Great as an all-around warm-up club

Designed to be swung at home to build the correct golf swing fundamentals to drive the ball longer and straighter

30" long, 50 oz. model

Available in RIGHT Hand Only

Momentus...Helping Players Go For It In Two!

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