Perfecto Cigar Holder

Perfecto Cigar Holder


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Perfecto Cigar Holder

The Perfecto Cigar Holder solves the question, "where do I put my cigar when I'm hitting a shot?" Clamps firmly onto just about anything, especially golf carts, and you're good to go. No more pondering, just puffing.

Perfecto Cigar Holder is the best cigar holder for golf carts, boats, grills, decks & more. It makes a great gift for any cigar smoker. Goes where ashtrays only dream to go.

GOLF - Snap Perfecto Cigar Holder to the dash of your golf cart. Your cigar will rest safely while you enjoy your game. Just like having your favorite ashtray on the golf course.

BOAT - Looking for a safe place to put your cigar while boating or fishing? Perfecto Cigar Holder to the rescue! Our patented design keeps cigar dry and protected.

GRILL - Finally! A portable ashtray for your grill, smoker, deck & more. Perfecto Cigar Holder will snap onto just about any surface in less than a second. Your new backyard favorite.

  • Made of the highest quality nylon - will not melt, burn or discolor.
  • Keeps cigars safe and free of chemicals on the golf course.
  • Easy to clean - simply wipe tray with a damp cloth.
  • Holds all cigar sizes, even your biggest (tray is 80 ring wide)
  • Made in the USA


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