To play golf, you just obviously have to have clubs, a bag, and balls. There are, however, tons of other golf accessories used by professionals and non-professionals alike. Although some golf products are not absolutely necessary to play the game, they do help to make the game run more smoothly.

Accessories to Consider in Golf
Some golf accessories that are useful, although not absolutely required are headcovers, sunglasses, hats, golf apparel, and golf gloves. Club headcovers are meant to protect club heads from damage, which may occur when moving golf bags around throughout a game or when transporting. Severe enough dents in the club head can affect accuracy, making headcovers a popular golf accessory.

A digital green reader, such as that by BreakMaster, can be quite a help. This pocket-sized aid reads the slope and fall line of a green, making it easy to read a break. For those who love to drive but have problems in the short game, a break reader must be just what it needed to start putting more accurately.

In golf, players do quite a bit of walking, requiring shoes with excellent comfort and breathability. At the same time, the shoes must also provide some stability in the golfer's feet, since swings require excellent balance and grounding. At Innovative Golf Gear, we have a wide selection of golf shoes and sandals. The right pair of shoes can really increase your overall enjoyment of a day on the links.

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