Sandbagger Golf Shoes History

Sandbagger Golf Shoes History

Sandbaggers Golf Shoes

Sandbaggers Golf Shoes have been steadily produced since 1987. The company was founded by Joan Villani, an avid golfer. Not long before Sandbaggers Golf Shoes was born, Joan developed her craving for cooler and more comfortable golf footwear. Relying on Maine's deep history for producing handmade boots, shoes and sandals, Joan put her ingenuity to test and created the first golf sandal design, the Kiltie. Nearly two decades have passed but to this day, Sandbaggers still operates by Joan's commitment to producing high-quality, stylish and comfortable golf footwear.

Our 2005 golf shoes & golf sandals are softer, lighter, and more comfortable than evernot to mention theyre better looking. With new styles in fashion colors, Sandbaggers Golf Shoes are making a lasting impression that leaves women asking, Where did you get those cute shoes? Make sure your club is the answer. We invite you to join in the funno order is too big or too small, and there is usually something for everyone. Give us a try and youll see that a little heart goes a long way.

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