ReadyGolf: AdArt: Golf Art: Clip Art for Golf

ReadyGolf: AdArt: Golf Art: Clip Art for Golf


We are proud to offer golf clip art among our products and services. Our sister company, Innovative Clip, discovered a shortage of stock graphic clip art designs featuring golf related images. In response, we now offer AdArt: Golf Art: Clip Art for Golf, an extensive library of professional line drawings and illustrations for the design of advertising in the golf industry.

With over 500 images, AdArt: Golf Art: Clip Art for Golf is one of the largest clip art packages available for the Golfing industry. Images are drawn in a variety styles including abstracts, detailed line illustrations, silhouettes and symbols to multiply your creative options. Images are in both black & white and in color. Includes images covering ever aspect of the golf industry, from equipment and tournaments to concessions. Whether your putting on a tournament, publishing the club house newsletter, creating T-shirt designs, organizing scholastic events or just having fun, AdArt: Golf Art: Clip Art for Golf has everything you need to create professional look to your project.

The AdArt series is ready to use in the creation of advertisements, maps, publications, packaging, labels, charts & graphs and with the aid of a drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, illustrations can be modified, reversed, scaled or colored. The options you have with the AdArt: Golf Clip Art and your drawing program are limitless.

The Encapsulated Postscript format to provide superior reproduction quality with no loss of detail or sharpness when resized. Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) is a graphic language that allows images to be scaled and rotated while retaining an object's integrity. Postscript also supports gray scales and color, and prints on a wide variety of output devices, from 300 dpi laser printers, 2,400 dpi image setters to vinyl sign plotters. The EPS format provides highest possible reproduction quality with no loss of detail or sharpness when resized unlike its traditional "camera-ready" or bit-mapped counterparts. A great deal of time is spent to insure the correct representation of every image we create.

Golfers Abstracts

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Files are available both EPS and WMF formats and are compatible with both the Macintosh and PC computer systems.

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