Royal & Awesome: Men's Golf Pants - Back to the Fuchsia

Royal & Awesome: Men's Golf Pants - Back to the Fuchsia


Men's Back to the Fuchsia Golf Pants by Royal & Awesome

These Royal & Awesome Back to the Fuchsia golf pants are fantastic if you want a pair of golfing strides that will turn heads on the course.

These funky pants feature a white and pink diamond pattern and although they don't come with a DeLorean time machine to rewind to a time before you hit those bad shots (you can always take a mulligan...) the design is sure get you noticed! These golf pants are 97% cotton and 3% spandex making them breathable, comfortable and durable.

The Awesome thing about these pants is that they are specifically designed for golf and come complete with tee loops and tour slit and because we like to give you guys something extra they come with a free golf (and beer!) tool.

  • We don't do average or dull, we do bright and Awesome golf pants.
  • 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Comfortable, breathable and durable.
  • Specially designed for golf with tee loops, golf (and beer tool) and tour slit.

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