Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk and Fred Funk - DVD

Short Game Golf with Jim Furyk and Fred Funk - DVD



Approx. Running Time 60 Minutes

Get inside the mind of top PGA Tour pros Jim Furyk and Fred Funk and hear their thought process as they compete in a unique short game challenge match designed to help you improve your short game. Learn how to assess your own situations, analyze your options and execute the proper shots…just like the pros do! This DVD covers all essential aspects of the short game: chipping, bump and run shots, bunker play, flop shots and much more.

"The fastest way to lower your score is to improve your short game. Let us show you how the pros knock it close when we’re inside 50 yards."
- Jim Furyk

"We will teach you how we analyze situations, make decisions, setup and execute every type of shot you will encounter around the greens."
- Fred Funk

Learn these essential aspects of the short game:

  • Lob Shots
  • Chipping
  • Sand/Bunker Play
  • Bump and Run Shots
  • Buried Lies
  • Short Bunker Shots
  • Putting from the Fringe
  • The Half Wedge
  • Touch Shot from a Tight Lie
  • Thick Rough

Running Time:
Approx. 60 mins.

Bonus Features Include:

  • In Depth, Breakout Lessons and Drills on:
- Chipping
- Bunker Play
- "Positions of the Clock"
  • Setup Guides for 8 Critical Shots

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