Solid Contact (H) by Jim Hardy

Solid Contact (H) by Jim Hardy


Solid Contact (H)by Jim Hardy

A Top Golf Coach's Guide To Learning Your Swing DNA and Instantly Striking The Ball Better
Jim Hardy with Ron Kaspriske

One of the world's most sought-after golf instructors and a PGA Teacher of the Year makes it easy to be your own coach, customizing your swing for phenomenal accuracy. At the heart of Jim Hardy's approach is a simple philosophy: There is no universally right or wrong way to swing a golf club. Hardy teaches that every person's golf swing is as unique as a strand of DNA. In Solid Contact Jim Hardy distills his remarkable system for readers of all skill levels, teaching them how to self-diagnose their shots and correct their swings and misses on the very next shot. Packed with drawings and anecdotes, Solid Contact draws on three actions: the swing, the swing's impact and ball flight. It delivers lasting results in record time.

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