Swing Ball Pro by Smart Body Golf

Swing Ball Pro by Smart Body Golf


Swing Ball Pro by Smart Body Golf

The Swing Ball Pro targets the core muscles for maximum rotational strength.

The Swing Ball Pro is specially designed to improve core rotational strength. The patented slots and handles allow you to hold the weighted ball lightly and swing without tension, which is essential for releasing the golf club for maximum club head speed.

The two colors represent both sides of your body to help you balance the force generated from your left and right sides through the golf ball. The center reference represents the golf ball. Alternating grips will promote either draw or fade motions.

Features and benefits:

Each and every golfer can improve their game dramatically by practicing only a few minutes a day with the Golf Swing Ball. Condition your physical body for optimal performance. Strengthen your golf specific muscles and be ready for golf anytime.

  • Develop core golf strength and trunk stability.
  • Train to release the club.
  • Unify the hands and increase rotational power.
  • Develop a connected swing plane.

Swing Ball weights are 8 or 6 lbs.

It's more than a medicine ball. Support straps let you grasp the ball with hands together for a more swing-like grip. Inside, a one lb., stainless steel disc, located beneath the centerline promotes the correct inside-out swing.
Rotate the ball from the blue to the yellow side, and you'll feel the power of a proper release!
Quickly develops golf-specific muscles and increases your rotational power.






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