The Unstoppable Golfer by Dr. Bob Rotella

The Unstoppable Golfer by Dr. Bob Rotella


The Unstopable Golfer by Dr. Bob Rotella

Trusting Your Mind & Your Short Game to Achieve Greatness

From Dr. Bob Rotella, the preeminent golf psychologist to the game's top players comes the defining guide to mastering the enormous challenges of chips, pitches, bunker shots and putts. It's no secret that more than two-thirds of the shots a golfer makes are short ones. Dr. Rotella tackles the mind's role in this most difficult aspect of the game. The short game is typically a source of fear for amateurs and pros alike. In The Unstoppable Golfer, Dr. Rotella teaches readers how to overcome that fear by using their minds to achieve a state of calm and focus on one thing alone: the hole.

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